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You have crash-landed on a strange alien planet. You are uninjured but your ship needs repairs and your life support is running out!

You encounter a bizarre alien life form that is trying to communicate with you, but are unsure of what it's trying to tell you. What does it want? Is it friendly?

Listen carefully to the sounds of its language. Pick up the runes around you containing phonetical clues to discern what it's saying.

How to Play

Use the VIVE hand controllers to move, pick up, and drop objects.

Walk around and pick up runes containing glyphs of the words the alien is speaking.

Hold them up to your Translator Module to discern their meaning and form an appropriate response to the alien.

Watch how the alien responds to your answers. And don't run out of air!

Theme Incorporation

Lost in Translation presents the theme of "Let your game be heard" by underlining the articulate nature of phonetics and language. The game encourages auditory learning by utilizing speaking mannerisms to help the player ascertain a person's intentions. These audible signals form the context around which the meaning of words are understood.

Team Members

Jessica Sweeney

Ariana Alexander

Wesley de la Rosa

Alex Bascom


Lost in Translation.zip 169 MB